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Guide to Online Auctions at Gippswares

Our online auctions work similarly to other major online auction sites, combining an online bidding system with traditional Auction House sales where a large number of 'Lots' are auctioned off.

We built our online auction platform to make it easy for you to bid on items from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you have internet access. Our platform works from any PC, tablet or smartphone that has a modern web browser installed. We recommend a recent version of Firefox or Chrome.


Online registration is a simple 3 step process.
Step 1: Register by entering your details on our registration page.
Step 2: Gippswares staff will verify your details. You may receive a phone call to confirm.
Step 3: Upon satisfactory verification, you will be sent a password to log into the site.


Our Lots are open for bidding during the advertised Bidding Period (e.g. 7 days). Bids will only be accepted during this period. Late bids will not be permitted. If you are unable to bid, please contact Gippswares and we will gladly help you place an absentee bid on the items of your choice.

Our online auction system works on the Proxy Bidding principle, where each bidder places their bid based on the highest price they are willing to pay. The winning price will be the second highest bid plus an increment. Bidders may place more than one bid, even when they have been outbid, as long as the auction has not ended.

Our auctions also have a 'Soft ending' feature, where if a bid is placed during the last 5 minutes of an auction, the end time will be extended by two minutes. This gives more opportunity for other bidders to place a counter-bid, lessening the chance of losing an auction.

Instead of Lots being auctioned off one-by-one (as is the case for on-site auctions), our online auctions allow bidding on any Lot during the Bidding Period. All Lots are open for bidding simultaneously, so you need not wait to bid on the Lot of your choice when the auction commences.

Winning and paying

Please refer to our About page for more information about payment and pickup of your items.

Technical issues

If you encounter any issues with online bidding, please Contact us so we can provide assistance and/or rectify any faults on our system.
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